SMIRT DieShop Brochure


SMIRT DieShop lets die makers, pattern makers, machinists, foremen and other users extract the information they need to build a die directly from a solid model without the need to generate plots or drawings - a true paperless environment.

Plastic Tooling Solutions


SMIRT DieNC is designed to create tool paths for planar faces and drilling holes. The "drag & drop" technology is used to create tool paths directly on the solid geometry with no manual entry of coordinate values.

Sheet Metal Solutions

SMIRT ShapeMilling

SMIRT ShapeMilling is a software product used to create automatic 3 axes and 3+2 axes milling tool paths for small or large components or castings.

Machining STRATEGIST Brochure


SMIRT DieCost combines a CAD graphical interface specifically designed for die estimation with an input/output method that links the CAD data with formulas, standard components, castings, and rate structures that generate “cost to build” for the die.

Plastic Tooling Solutions

SMIRT DieBuild

SMIRT DieBuild provides the tools to define best in practice construction steps right in the SMIRT Die Design. These steps or operations are easily accessible from within all of the SMIRT products.