SMIRTware Appointed Hanko Makina as a Reseller in Turkey

Hanko Makina is a company based in the east part of Istanbul who has a long experience in reselling and supporting CAM software products and machine tools. They have a well-established base of customers in Turkey and a network of partners capable to assist their customers in the different industrial areas of that Country.   

Cosimo Galante, the consultant who explored the Turkish market for SMIRTware, says: “Turkey became a really important area for the tooling industry and, more in general, for automotive, defense, house appliances and many other industrial sectors. The trend is still a growing one, with a strong potential that’s still to be exploited. The potentiality of that market made me recommend SMIRTware find a local partner to pursue business opportunities in Turkey. I’m convinced that the experience and skill of the people of Hanko Makina will be a key factor to achieve that success.”

Erhan Kosova, general manager and partner of Hanko Makina sees a great opportunity with SMIRT software products:

“SMIRT products match the needs and requirements of many of our current customers and many other companies here in Turkey. I’m convinced that we will successfully distribute SMIRT in their traditional tool and die sector, and I also see potentialities in other industries that we are serving with other products. I’m convinced that SMIRT is a great addition to our portfolio. ”

Erhan Kosova, General Manager Hanko Makina

Taner Tuğluoğlu is the technical manager and partner of Hanko Makina. He analyzed the different features of SMIRTware products in detail: “I have been impressed” he says “by the ability to manage large and complex assemblies with high efficiency and providing users with a very easy access to design information. NC programming is performed with an original approach that will be really helpful in many different situations where traditional CAM applications are too heavy for end users. And the manufacturing planning module of SMIRT is really unique to the market, with a totally new integration between product and process data that will allow customers to manage their workflow with a new level of efficiency.

 Jerry Hicks, president of SMIRTware, is glad to welcome Hanko Makina to the SMIRT partners community: “In the last few years we learned a lot about the opportunities in Turkey and realized that we need to invest in this Country, because of the growing economy and the flourishing manufacturing industry. We understood that to increase our presence in Turkey we needed a local partner and we analyzed different options: we think that Hanko Makina is the right organization to support our business there, to provide a great support to our customers and to expand our presence in that area. I sincerely welcome Erhan, Taner and all the people of Hanko Makina to the SMIRT community! We are looking forward to having a successful and long business relationship.”

Contact details about Hanko Makina are available on the “Find a Reseller” page of our web site or at


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